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Manakeep 728x90
Tournament Rules
1. Making MOSS SS + Making Demo
2. Disallowed Perks: Grenade Launcher, Juggernaut, RPG, Last Stand and Martydom
3. Bugs and Glitches are illegal in this tournament and no getting out of the map by a glitch. (All glitches and bugs are ILLEGAL.)
4. Illegal Scripts and Binds: Fullbright Bind, Double Switch Script, Shooting Scripts and all other scripts
5. To register in the tournament you will need to paste your MOSS ID1 and MOSS ID2
6. Elevators are illegal.
7. Bouncing to places which can be reached is allowed.
8. No using Gun Skins, Map skins or any kind of skins (including Character Skins)
9. No mixers are allowed to play with a clan.
10. Busted and blacklisted people are disallowed to play.
11. Using any other app than Discord or TeamSpeak during the match is disallowed. (Skype, etc are disallowed)
Joining Rules
1. To participate in the tournament you will need to record ss using MOSS and demo with "/record" in the COD4 Console.
2. Mac users are only allowed to use Fraps, Windows users are not allowed
3. You need to insert your MOSS ID1 and MOSS ID2 while registering into the tournament.